Adele Just Freaked The F**k Out After Pulling Some Not-So-Randoms On Stage

Maybe not so random…

There’s nothing quite like watching one of your most glamorous idols completely falling to pieces on stage is there?

Whether it’s James McAvoy screaming at a guy for leaving his phone on in the theatre, or Benedict Cumberbatch’s post-play political rant, there’s nothing better than seeing the composed lose control.

That’s why we loved it last night when Adele pulled what seemed to be two random kids up on stage with her, only to realise that she not only knew them, but had known (at least one of them) their entire fucking life!


That time Adele got Daiz and Roo up on stage in Amsterdam and then realised who they were.

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Obviously this is the most adorable thing in the world, and nothing like those two gasbags we mentioned earlier, but seriously, isn’t this whole thing glorious?

Look at the JOY! Warms your frozen lump-of-coal-you-call-a heart, doesn’t it?

Adele, keep doing you, babes.

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