Alan Rickman's Wikipedia Page Was Brilliantly Updated After He Died

For a few seconds, anyway.

Things we love: editing Wikipedia so our old secondary school's motto is "Where hope comes to die". Things we hate: death, especially Alan Rickman's. So who knew these two activities could gloriously come together to create the greatest tribute that ever lived?

Moments after the news broke that beloved British actor Rickman had passed away, some hero edited his Wikipedia page to read: "Alan was killed on the 14th January 2016, when his heart was cut out with a spoon. Robin Locksley, Harry Potter and John McClane are prime suspects". 

The author is of course referring to Rickman's three greatest enemies, and the line in Robin Hood where Alan, as the Sheriff of Nottingham, threatens to cut Robin's heart out with a spoon (just one of Rickman's many, many hilarious moments). 

This being Wikipedia, the edit didn't last for long (BECAUSE IT'S A RELIABLE SOURCE, MRS MERRIAN, OKAY) but we're still glad it ever happened in the first place. 

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