American Kid Rips Into Britain, Twitter Responds Appropriately

Oh ho ho you shouldn't have done that.

As British citizens, we spend the majority of our days moaning about everything and everyone around us.

We enjoy it. It’s a bonding experience that brings us together. Everything’s shit, but that’s alright as long as everybody else has to suffer by it, too.

But one thing we will not stand for is an American trying to get in on the act.

And that’s exactly what happened when Twitter user Madi took to her timeline to leave a scathing review of our way of life.

Check out her criticisms below…

Naturally every single person in the country decided to give her a roasting of her own, and she's now had to lock her account.

Judging by the picture of Louis Tomlinson, she's probably just a kid. But still, well done everybody.


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