American Official Fired After Hiring Man To Dress As Elderly Woman For Media Event


Look, we don't really know how to say this. We can't really explain. Sit down. Get a cup of tea. You're in for a wild ride. 

The head of a city agency in Rhode Island has been fired after she made a man dress as an old woman to make her news conference look better. 

Pause for effect.

Sue Stenhouse was the executive director of something called the Senior Enrichment Center (OH WE SEE WHERE THIS IS GOING DO YOU SEE WHERE IT'S GOING?). She's no longer the executive director of something called the Senior Enrichment Center. We're gussing that's because it's not very enriching to get men to dress as seniors. 

Stenhouse was promoting the Snow Angels Program, which encourages volunteers to shovel snow for the elderly. At the press conference, she had three volunteers stood with her but no elderly person. She therefore, entirely logically, asked a bus driver to wear a dress, wig, lipstick, blush and earrings.

Thank God she didn't forget the blush, or he might've looked totally obvious.