Amy Schumer: "Anyone Who Is Not A Feminist Is An Insane Person"

The star comes out strong in a BBC interview.

The incredible Amy Schumer hit the UK this week to perform her stand up across the country, and while here she sat down for an interview with BBC's Newsnight.

During the discussion, she admitted that she was confused by those who don't identify as feminist, since the term refers to equality of the sexes.

"I think anyone who is not a feminist is an insane person. I think they don't know what feminism means."

She went on to explain why she thought this was the case.

"That word has a whole different meaning for different people. And so someone will say to me: 'You're not a feminist are you?'... Of course I am. Of course I want equal rights for women."

Schumer argued, "Feminism is just about women having social, political and economic equality."

While totally nailing the discussion around feminism, she also went on to say that she would leave the US if Donald Trump became president.

Keep on keepin' on, Amy Schumer.

Watch the full interview below.

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