Amy Schumer Went On Jimmy Fallon And Called Out THAT Glamour Cover

Nobody puts Amy in the corner.

You may have heard that Amy Schumer had some beef with Glamour magazine this week. They put her name on the cover of an issue celebrating plus-size women, without asking her. And she was pissed.

So she did what all us regular folk do when we're peeved - chatted to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show.

Amy showed the world that she does exactly what she likes, when she likes (including how and where she sits), refusing the squeeze her knees together her back like most ladies do on screen.

"What I learned is that people don't really like being classified as plus-size; we don't need these labels. It should just say what size you are. Why? Why?!" 

God, we love her. Here's the whole thing in all its awesomeness:

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