SNEAK PEEK: Amy Schumer Combatted Vagina Shaming In The Most Hilarious Way

"Yo-Puss makes my pussy taste like nothing! NOTHING!"

There's an all-new series of Inside Amy Schumer coming soon to Comedy Central UK but to keep you busy, here's a *sneak preview* of the amazing(ly crass and BRILLIANT) sketches coming your way (above this sentence, idiot. Up there. Yep, there it is).

Amy proves herself to be the feminist icon we all need, tackling the issue of vagina-shaming. She promotes a yoghurt called Yo-Puss, designed to clean your vagina from the inside out. YAY.

A lot of people out there recommend douching and other weird methods of 'cleansing' your fu-fu (put down the steam-cleaner, Gwynnie). There's a huge market for products that clean your lady garden (whywhywhywhywhy) so Amy took on this fad in the most hilarious way. Here are our favourite (lady) parts:

It makes your p*ssy taste like nothing! Because all vaginas taste horrible, obviously.

Comedy Central

Yo-puss seems incredibly safe and definitely not harmful at all.

Comedy Central

It works on all types of smelly people.

Comedy Central

Don't worry about the warnings, though. Nothing to worry about at all...

Comedy Central

Sign us up, Yo-Puss looks great!

Comedy Central

Inside Amy Schumer season four will air on Comedy Central UK soon!

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