Amy Schumer Flashes Her Diaper In Hilarious Baby Sketch

"Everyone in Hollywood is obsessed with youth. So I just took it one step further".

Amy Schumer is no stranger to dressing up - whether it's yellow latex for her 'Milk, Milk, Lemonade' sketch or a sexy Star Wars outfit for a GQ cover.

Now she's dialled back the clock in a diaper and dummy, appearing on Ellen DeGeneres' talk show as an actual baby, complete with a giant bottle of wine.

Ellen *is* a professional baby rater, so this makes a lot of sense.

That, and TV people love you for being young - so naturally Amy pushed as far as she could go.

We can't *wait* to see her as an embryo. A surefire way to score all the female roles in Hollywood. While you're here, check out Amy's 'Ssh-nacks' sketch - she totally beat you, Doritos.

Single Life As Told By Amy Schumer: