Amy Schumer Left A Huge Surprise For Some Bartenders This Weekend

She's really raising the bar.

As if we didn't already know that Amy Schumer is the best woman in the known and unknown universes, she's just gone and left some bartenders a ONE THOUSAND DOLLAR TIP.

To make things even crazier, her tab was only $77, meaning a $7.70 offering would easily suffice. 


And then @amyschumer comes into your work and does something amazing #hamilton #amyschumer

A photo posted by Madeleine DeJohn (@madeleinedejohn) on

Amy left the tip after going to see Hamilton with her boyfriend Ben Hanisch and her friends.

A bartender and aspiring actress,  Madeleine DeJohn, then posted a picture to Instagram thanking Miss Schumer. DeJohn later said, "A friend of Amy's came to the bar and signed for it, and he said, 'Amy wants to makes sure you get this.'"

This isn't the first time Amy has been hella generous, however, as she previously used to wait tables and understands the struggle for aspiring comedians and actors. Truly the perfect woman.

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