Amy Schumer Played A Secret Intimate Gig In London And It Looked Amazing

Aisling Bea, Sara Pascoe and Amy Schumer?! On a Monday night?!

When you pop out for a comedy show on a Monday night, there can only be one of two explanations. 

1. You want to start your week off on a high by getting that serotonin KICK! 

2. You've come back to the office to an inbox from hell, someone's stolen your milk from the fridge and you need cheering up. And gin. 

Both very valid reasons. Maybe one a bit sadder than the other. 

We gather people visiting The Phoenix's basement for Old Rope Comedy Club were obviously expecting a pleasant evening. 

With both Sara Pascoe and Aisling Bea billed, there was no doubt the night would be filled with shits and giggles. And gin. 

But when they announced via their Twitter that they were expecting a 'very special guest' no one saw what was coming... 

Or rather, WHO was coming. 

Only goddamn AMY SCHUMER?!

Since getting her own series (Inside Amy Schumer on Comedy Central *wink wink*) and then a number of successful films, she has skyrocketed the world of comedy. 

Which is why it must have been such a shock to see her in a pub cellar on a Monday night... 

Testing material is just part and parcel of being so accomplished and it just goes to show you can never master your craft enough. 

Or maybe she'd just had a bad day in the office and needed some jokes. And some gin. 

No judgment, either way.

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