Amy Schumer Says Harry And Meghan's Wedding Will "Suck" Like "Westminster Dog Show"

“This poor girl."

Amy Schumer's not known for keeping schtum, but even when it comes to the much-lauded Royal Wedding, we can rely on her to truly speak her feelings. Even if they're a little... well, read 'em yourself:

“This poor girl. Your wedding, everyone says it’s your day. It’s YOUR day. She’s like, no it’s not.

She has to meet all these foreign dignitaries she’s never met before, there’s so much pressure ... can you imagine having a worse wedding?” 

Ouch. So Amy doesn't think Meghan's going to enjoy her big day? Speaking on Australian radio show “Fitzy and Wippa", she went on:

“That would suck. Her girls from high school aren’t going to be there. It’s like a parade, it’s like Westminster Dog Show". 

Take that as a no then. Would you agree?

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