An Illustrated Guide To Life’s Most Annoying Moments

“When you made yourself comfortable AND REALISE YOU HAVE TO PEE.”

Life. Ugh. Isn’t it just the WORST? 

Not because of big problems, like war or famine or homophobia. Though those things are all very bad, obviously. The very worst things about life, though, are the little things. Like when you forget to pick up bog roll, or stub your toe, or commit social suicide by accidentally liking a photo mid-Facebook stalk. 

Those little everyday botherations are the things that keep you up at night. The banes of our lives. The ultimate obstacles to human beings’ happiness. 

To try and make them a bit better, Bored Panda have illustrated 25 of life’s troubles in adorable fashion. Trust us when we tell you that added cuteness doesn’t actually help…

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