10 animals that aren't helping themselves

As news emerges that one of the world's fattest cats is on a mission to shed the pounds and get a bikini body just in time for winter, we've put together a list of animals who really aren't helping themselves.

[subheader:list:1]The monkey that's turned to a life of crime[/subheader]

[subheader:list:2]The elephant that keeps getting drunk[/subheader]

[subheader:list:3]The cat who can't stop hurting herself[/subheader]

[subheader:list:4]The gorilla who acts like a bully[/subheader]

[subheader:list:5]The panda who's far too needy[/subheader]

[subheader:list:6]The elephant whose art career isn't taking off[/subheader]

[subheader:list:7]The goat that can't control his temper[/subheader]

[subheader:list:8]The dog that's far too forward[/subheader]

[subheader:list:9]The cat that's too fat to function[/subheader]

[subheader:list:10]The dog that won't let love in[/subheader]

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