Lisa Kudrow Says She Wasn’t “F**kable” Enough For A Friends Guest Star

Wow, people can be real dicks.

Friends star Lisa Kudrow has dished the dirt this week on what it was like being a woman on television in the 90s (we can give you a clue: quite sexist).

In an interview on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, the Friends actor revealed what a guest star had said to her, after a question from a fan. 

“The worst behavior just off the top of my head?” Kudrow told the audience. “I rehearsed without makeup most of the week and then on show night I’m in hair and makeup and I was told, ‘Oh, wow, now you’re... now you’re f**kable.’”

“That’s bad behaviour, I say,” Kudrow continued. Unfortunately the actor, who has been promoting her new film Table 19, wouldn’t reveal who was behind the salty statement. She did, however, say that it wasn’t Charlie Sheen, which still leaves quite a large number of male guest stars to pick from.

Kudrow discussed a Friends reunion earlier this week, after revealing the gang had gotten together for dinner. However, she wasn't optimistic about the prospect of one any time soon. 

Maybe she just didn’t want to get our expectations up? “If we don’t tell you one’s coming and it doesn’t happen, then you’ve got no reason to be disappointed,” she said. “I’m managing expectations.”