Ariana Grande's Friends Dropped A Dope Harry Potter Track For Her Birthday

Dobby pull up with that ratchet / Ari hit 'em with the magic

Some people have all the fun.

For Ariana Grande's 23rd birthday her friends made an incredible Harry Potter song for the super fan, feat. Gryffindor costumes, lightning bolts and a large number of bottles of champagne.

Some of them openly admitted they had no idea WTF they were talking about, but they did it for Ariana, because they know she LOVES that shit. And that's what friendship is ALL ABOUT.

We have to admit we hate her a little bit for having such an awesome life and then such AWESOME FRIENDS as well. Especially when they come up with lyrics like these.

"It's your birthday it's your month, let's get Harry Potter drunk."

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