Artist Creates The Creepiest "People" Ever On Her Friends' Backs

Get back.

There's little much greater in life than creepy, creepy artists. We've already treated you to an exhibition of the One Direction band members wearing dog penises, but now we'd like to share with you the artist that draws people on her friends' backs.

Stopped screaming? Lovely. 

Artist AnaHell's project is called 'Secret Friends', which is good, because tbh you wouldn't want to publicise that these people are your mates: 

Basically, to create the work, she gets her pals to bend forwards and then dresses up and draws on their backs. But how did she get the inspiration for such a... such a... such an idea?  

"It happened really spontaneously during a creative shoot in which I was working on creating body postures that created an illusion that would be mind bending," she said. "In one of the positions it just clicked, I had a 'Eureka' moment and told my model to stay put and ran and grabbed an eyeliner and drew two circles on the creature's new face. That was the birth of Secret Friends."

Check out her work, below.