Artist Makes Amazing 3D Miniatures Of The Coolest TV & Movie Sets

Friends, Seinfeld, The Addams Family and more!

Everyone has one TV or movie house they've always fantasised about owning.

From Sabrina The Teenage Witch's awesome bedroom (never mind the magic closet with a pathway to the Other Realm) to Monica Geller's HUGE New York apartment, via Kevin McCallister's *giant* house in Home Alone, admit it, we've all had serious house envy.

The artist behind EverydayMiniatures feels your pain, so much so they've built a range of 3D miniature paper dolls' houses - complete with TONS of Easter eggs from your favourite TV shows. 

Everyday Miniatures via Etsy

Check out Monica's New York apartment (there are more pics below!). Inside is Phoebe's amazing dolls' house (how meta), Monica's marigold gloves, one of Joey's sandwiches and a few surprises in the closet by the balcony, too. The attention to detail is INSANE - and wait 'til you see the sets from Seinfeld, The Addams Family, Golden Girls and more...

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