Avatar's Getting A Fifth Instalment, And We're Very, Very Excited

What a day!

We've had a long wait since the first instalment of James Cameron's SFX-drenched masterpiece Avatar in 2009, leaving many of us as blue as the characters it starred.

But it looks like good things come to those who wait, as the Oscar-winning director has revealed that the series will now span five movies.

With the sequel due in 2018, and the fifth instalment planned for 2023, that means we're in store for a near-yearly dose of Avatar action.

Speaking at CinemaCon, Cameron said: "We have decided to embark on a truly massive cinematic process.

"I've been working the last couple of years with a team of four top screenwriters to design the world of Avatar going forward: The characters, the creatures, the environment, the new cultures.

"So far, the art I'm seeing, is in pure imagination, really far beyond the first film. It's going to be a true epic saga."

More as we get it - which is probably around the same time as you, really. We don't have James Cameron's email address, or anything. Unless it's james.cameron@gmail.com. In which case we do.

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