Azealia Banks Attacks British People & Zayn Malik, He Reacts Like A Pro

Tesco sandwiches, plagiarism and a side of racism, please!

Let's start with the facts: racism ain't funny. Never was, never will be. Stupidity *IS* funny. Especially when it's a celebrity. Especially when it's Azealia Banks, again.

The woman isn't happy unless she's taking aim at a big celebrity, listing Kanye West, Iggy Azalea, Beyonce, Kendrick Lamar, TI, Rita Ora and A$AP Rocky among people she has pissed off in front of a rather large audience (everyone who has an internet connection).

Now ex-Directioner Zayn Malik joins the all-star cast of offenders, as rapper and full-time antagonist Azealia attacks him for the colour of his skin and the country he grew up in. Stay classy, Azealia.

It started off with a barbed comment about their similiar music videos:

"Reminds me of when Gigi hadid called herself slay-Z after I’d already come up with it. Gigi and Zayn r really big Azealia Banks fans", she went on.


Damn Zayn be mood boarding the fuck of out me .. I'm not mad about this though. Zayn is a cutie pie

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To which Zayn responded (or at least looked like he did):

Then Azealia threw in some casual racism, for lols:

But Zayn kept it chill:

Srsly, so chill:

Then Brit radio station Capital FM got involved:

So naturally, she attacked the entire country:

Tesco sandwiches? Now you're really cutting us deep:

You crossed the line, Azealia. You're so far past the line, the line is a dot to you:

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