Barman with Henry The Hoover Crotch Tattoo Says It's Ruining His Sex Life

That sucks.

The thing about having a Henry The Hoover crotch tattoo is that you probably shouldn't. Short of a scientist taking you back in time, shoving you in a tattoo parlour and saying "You must get this done in order to stop baby Hitler", there's just no good reason to immortalise Britain's favourite vaccum cleaner on your skin.

But that didn't stop 21-year-old Lewis Flint, who has Henry tattooed above his nether regions and now regrets it. 

Channel 4

"When I first got it done aged 16 I couldn’t stop getting it out, I got loads of attention and I was a bit of a local hero, I loved it," said Lewis, presumably very slowly and with the help of a dictionary. 

But alas, Henry recently scared away a prospective lover, forcing Lewis to conclude that the tattoo, in actuality, sucks. 

"I was with a girl recently and I liked her, things were going well until we got naked. When she saw it she said “What’s that? I am off!” I was gutted, I never thought I would regret my tattoo when I got it done," Lewis said. 

Channel 4

Although he appeared on Channel 4's Bodyshockers to get laser tattoo removal, he changed his mind when he realised how painful the process would be. 

"‘The thought of that going round near my balls is unbearable," he lamented, eloquently.