Basically Every Celeb At The Met Gala Signed Lorde's Cast And It's Beautiful

She's got an all-star cast.

When you broke your arm, your mum probably bought you a lollipop. Maybe your school friends scribbled a penis (or five) across it when you weren't looking. We bet your head teacher wrote you a run-of-the-mill 'go get 'em!' message, that you duly ignored. But did you head off to the Met Gala, and hit up Kanye West for his album artwork? Did you ask Florence (and the Machine, we presume) to scrawl lyrics on your new addendum? No you didn't. Because your life isn't as cool as Lorde's and never will be.

Fear not, because we've brought you a picture - so you can live vicariously through Lorde via social media, because how the hell else are you meant to feel anything these days:

Yes, that says Yeezy. And Tay Tay. And 'best date ever!'. We can't quite make out the rest. It's hard to see through the tears.

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