Brutal Beauty Mask Will Not Come Off Girl's Face, Nope


Maryland teen Cachet Raynor just wanted to be beautiful. She just wanted to be blackhead free. 

Cachet via twitter

So she purchased a DIY face mask off the (a Pilaten Suction Black Mask, to be precise) and set to it. 

Cachet via twitter

Following the directions, she left the charcoal mask on for one hour. She waited. And waited some more. Maybe a bit too long, actually. BECAUSE THIS HAPPENED:

Key moments in her review of the item include:


Cachet via twitter

"OoooooohALLLARGHH! My lips... oooooooooh shit. WHAT THE FUCK?! Oh shiiit oh my Goooooooddddd. HOOO-LEEEE-SHIT."


"Ohhhhh my fucking God. WoooAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! God DAMN! 


"God damn, my face burning". 

Cachet via twitter

*very loud scream"

"... my skin's soft". 


"*Quiet sobbing*"

"I ain't ever doing that again. Shit hurt". 

Sure, it was the worst experience of her life, but her face *does* look smoother than a baby's butt. And for 85,000 retweets? Sign us up.

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