Behold: The 18 Best Mannequin Challenges

When Destiny's Child unite to do a viral video, you know it's legit.

1. From Carpool Karaoke to the Mannequin Challenge

Is there anything James Corden can't do?


2. OMG, OMG, OMG Destiny’s Child reunited!!! 


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3. We need to protect Adele at all costs. She’s just too precious. 


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4.  A sneak peak at how America is doing right now in an alternative universe


5. Nice one, mate


6. Wait… How did they do it, how did they suspend the ping pong ball?!?!


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7. With so many people involved, it sure does look impressive!


8. Well done, Jamaica!


9. How did the ball stay on his lap? HOW?


10. So. Much. Painful. Balancing. 


11. This one has us baffled. BAFFLED, we tell you.


12. Go team, go! F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C. FANTASTIC!


13. The first time we've ever seen a football field look peaceful.


14. The cat. LOOK AT THE CAT. 


15. If only the water was frozen...


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16. Wedding crew goals. 


17. This looks hard. Really, really hard. 


18. This could be a tiny action movie. 


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