Ben From Friends Has Transformed His Look And We Don't Know What To Think

What happened to him after Series 8, though?!

Questions that still haunt us from the noughties: Who *did* let the dogs out? Where *is* the love? WHAT HAPPENED TO BEN AFTER SERIES 8 OF FRIENDS!?

For years we've wondered what became of Ross' first born son Ben, played by Cole Sprouse and his twin brother Dylan, who grew up to be hot. Really, super hot. From Series 8, Episode 12, we never heard a peep from the kid who taught Rachel aweome pranks and fell in love with the holiday armadillo (eventually). His whereabouts have troubled us ever since.

IRL we know what he's up to, thanks to the joy that is social media. Most recently, COMPLETELY transforming his look and making a foray into ~serious acting~. According to Cosmo, the New York University graduate has bagged a role in Riverdale, an edgy new TV series.

Uploading a(nother super hot) picture to Instagram, the child actor who made his name in Friends, Big Daddy and The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody announced his plans to make it big:

Now THERE'S A young buck who knows exactly what he's doing. But then, he's always been that way...

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