Best Reactions To (Not) David Schwimmer's Blackpool Crime Incident

Ah, humour based on his pain...

David Schwimmer accidentally broke the actual internet yesterday after a doppelgänger was called out by Blackpool police for theft. 

Don't believe us? Look. 

The response was insane, with gags galore.

But then David Schwimmer rebutted, and thus the internet competition concluded. 

He wins. 

And the reaction to that was even better. 


Excuse me, sir, could you step out of your vehicle?

Yes, Nicola!


When it hasn't been your day, your week, your month, or even your beer... 

Central Perk got an alcohol license?!


Classic Ross. 

This is the best thing to ever happen on Twitter. Fact. 

We're FINE. 

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