Beyoncé Invited Two Fans To Dance On Stage And Got The Shock Of Her Life

No one was expecting this.

What would you do if Queen B invited you up on stage, days after releasing a visual album named after a sugary drink? Which centers around busting her husband for an alleged affair with a lady called Becky, who's got good hair?

Ask her what the hell is going on with her marriage? Detain her until she tells you Jay-Z's still alive and well? Demand she impart some wisdom about life, love and driving monster trucks? Cry uncontrollably because hold the phone, YOU'RE ON STAGE WITH BEYONCE?!

Maybe you'd bust out a literally flawless dance to one of her most iconic songs, no questions asked. Maybe you'd smash it so hard, she'd actually stop and laugh incredulously. Maybe you'd be like these girls:

Bey gave them lemons, and they set up a goddamn lemonade stall. Amen.

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