Beyoncé Tried To Blend In At A University And Failed Miserably

We Bey-on-see you.

There's only one time in life when being Beyoncé is not an advantage, and that's when you want to go unnoticed.

Such are the powerful waves of glory that eminate off Queen B, that an oversized hooded coat and some sunglasses cannot hide her being. 


When Queen B descends from her throne in the sky and makes a stop on your campus #Fightoncé

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Which is what students at the University of Southern California found out yesterday, when Beyoncé came to rehearse on their campus. 

But also, well, she could've tried harder, couldn't she? Maybe tied her hair up. Worn one of those horrible Primark Disney jumpers all the kids are wearing. Probably could've done without the platform trainers. 

But what do we know? All we know is that this girl's scream is Not Right. Not right at all.