Beyoncé’s Legendary Coachella Performance Has Everyone Shook

Beychella 4 ever.

Beyoncé has done it again. 

As if you weren't already feeling like the anthropomorphic embodiment of a Maris Piper, Queen B conquered Coachella as expected and we’re all still recovering tbh.

With her dance-fuelled, feminist hips of fury, she successfully hypnotised us all into a trance of awe and slapped us into the gross realisation of our own sub-par fitness levels.

Fo’ real, though.  

Confronting yourself in the mirror post-performance…

Did someone say ‘superhuman’?

Just so, so impossibly SHOOK.

But it doesn’t stop there. No one’s forgetting the incredible appearance from America’s new-found national treasure; The Yodeling Walmart Boy. People can’t believe two total icons inhabited the same very stage…



Heir to the throne?

How dare you.

Frankly, we agree…

This has all become very meta.

That's motivation Monday sorted, anyway. 

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It gets even better. Here are some dogs doing the 'Single Ladies' dance. You're welcome.