Who Should Star In A Live Action Version Of Bob's Burgers?

Aubrey Plaza would be a perfect Tina Belcher, don't you think?

Bob's Burgers is arguably the funniest cartoon of our generation. Screw The Simpsons and South Park - it's all about the Belchers

But sometimes - just sometimes - we wish the animated world of Bob, Linda, Tina, Louise, and Gene was a little bit more... Tangible.

"Then what about a live action version of the show?," you ask.

Hmmmm, this actually sounds very tempting. But given that the same people voice several characters at once and often men give voice to female characters, we'd most likely have to recast the whole show anew. Don't worry though. We've already had a little think about who we'd love to see on the silver screens as the Belcher family.

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