Bob's Burgers Is Coming To The Big Screen

Time for the charm bomb to explode.

Word on the street is Bob's Burgers might be making its movie debut.

20th Television

We're here to tell you... IT'S TRUE!!!

Yes, our favourite dysfunctional family is moving on up in the world. You can expect to see them all big and greasy in...

2020. July 17th to be exact. Yeah. Soz.

But Loren Bouchard, creator of Bob's Burger's, said he and his team are:

"Thrilled to be invited to bring Bob's Burgers to the big screen." 

20th Television

Why such a long wait though, we hear you ask? Well Loren answered:

“We know the movie has to scratch every itch the fans of the show have ever had, but it also has to work for all the good people who’ve never seen the show”

See? They're just making it extra awesome, is all:

“We also know it has to fill every inch of the screen with the colors and the sounds and the ever-so-slightly greasy texture of the world of Bob’s, but most of all it has to take our characters on an epic adventure. In other words, it has to be the best movie ever made. But no pressure, right?!”

He hinted to some possible title ideas on Twitter:

"We're still kicking around titles, but "Horseplay, the Horsening" is definitely in the running."​​

Well, there you have it. The Belcher fam are going to be taking the film industry by storm soon enough. We'll be watching, will you?

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