Boris Johnson Admits He Only Wanted To Be PM Because There Was A Charizard In Downing Street

He was bitterly disappointed to miss out.

After being appointed Foreign Secretary, the former Mayor of London, Donald Trump look-alike contest runner-up and failed Prime Ministerial Candidate Boris Johnson has made a startling admission.

"I really only wanted the big job so that I could get into 10 Downing Street, you know, chaps," he said.

"I heard there was a Charizard in there and those bastards are bloody hard to catch, believe me. They're like wibbly wobbly jelly when you try to eat it out of a shoe, like I did last night."

Unfortunately, Johnson was stabbed in the back by his trusted colleague, Michael Gove, and wasn't able to mount a credible bid for the prime ministership.

"It really was devastating, you know," Johnson admitted. "Yes, I had to visit Downing Street when I was given my new job, and I did have a good crack at the fire lizard but with no crummy luck."

Experts believe that Johnson's chubby fingers prevented him from successfully flicking his Pokéball at the creature. 

Had Johnson resided in 10 Downing Street he would have had a number of chances to catch several rare Pokémon, but now he will need to wait for another invitation.

The new Prime Minister, Theresa May, has reportedly caught the Charizard and is happily levelling up.

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