Boris Johnson Stars In Pornhub Video 'Dumb British Blond F**** 15 Million People At Once'

Don't worry, it's SFW (just).

Boris Johnson's naked body.

Not what you expect to see when you head over to Pornhub, ready to relieve the stresses of the past week. But that's what's currently there, lads!

We're joking, thankfully. He's clothed - but he's totally there. Yep, there's a 'porn' video starring the pro-Brexit politician - and it's got the best name ever.


The clip features the Conservative MP speaking at the Vote Leave’s victory conference on Friday morning, after 17.4million 'Leave' votes were cast against 16.1million 'Remain'.

And in a marketing masterstroke, the porn site posted this beautifully simple tweet:

Brandter as it should be done - we take our hate (and everything else, quite frankly) to you, Pornhub.

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