Boss Slates 'Cultural Head Wrap', Worker Cosplays Every Day Instead

'No cultural head wraps'. How about green wigs?

How you doin', kids!? Today we're learning an important lesson. It's called 'how not to be racist and/or discriminatory at work'. 

Lesson 1: Don't EVER tell your employees not to wear 'cultural head wraps' in the workplace.

End of lesson! 

Sadly, one employer couldn't make it to today's teaching - that of Facebook user June J .Rivas.

June's boss told her not to wear a head scarf to work - and while they were at it, said there was 'no dress code' at their workplace, but stated that open-toed shoes, a strappy top, hats, sandals, cleavage, BACKS (as in, human backs) and lace were unnacceptable. June responded accordingly - by cosplaying every damn day for weeks. YOU GO, LADY.

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