Britain’s Comedians Are Standing Up For Free Speech

Don’t be a p***k, buy a ticket.

Living in a world where it’s not OK to be racist or homophobic or generally offensive to men, women, or kittens is a VERY GOOD THING.

But it’s also important to remember that freedom of expression is a VERY GOOD THING too. And incredibly important when it comes to art. 

English Pen is an organisation on a mission to defend people’s rights to have an opinion, and this March, some of Britain’s finest comedians are getting together for a stand-up gig of epic proportions in support of free speech. 

Host, political satirist and all-round funny guy Nick Revell explained: “If the writers and journos get shut down, we don’t get to know about anything else. Granted, blissful ignorance is tempting right now, but freedom of speech is actually more important. Even if it offends you.”

He’s got a point. 

The line-up’s well worth both the £15 ticket cost, AND the risk of outrage. Comedy legends Kevin Eldon, Pippa Evans, Robin Ince, Sindhu Vee, Miles Jump and Harriet Braine will all be bringing the lols and saying whatever they damn well please in an event that’s sure to piss *someone* off at some point. 

Sounds excellent, doesn’t it?

Proceeds will go towards supporting English PEN’s work defending the freedom to read and the freedom to write in the UK and around the world: campaigning for writers at risk, running creative writing workshops with refugees, taking the most exciting new international contemporary literature to new audiences and keeping free speech safe for us all.

So in the words of Mr Revell, “Don’t be a prick, and buy a ticket.”

The Big PEN Comedy Gig takes place on Thursday 1st March 2018. Head to for details. 

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