Britain’s National Poo Museum Has Just Opened

Night at the Poo-seum

Here at Comedy Central, we're not afraid to talk about poo. We've told you about the time some frozen poo fell from a plane, the time a woman hid some poo in her handbag on a date AND let you know about an app which lets you talk to strangers on the loo...

...and now we have some very exciting poo-related news:

Britain's National Poo Musuem is NOW OPEN!

Visitors will be able to check out poop from 20 different types of animals in the Isle Of Wight poo-seum, such as an elk and a lion, as well as a human baby. Artist collective Eccleston George aim to lift the lid on poo taboos, collecting steamy samples from all corners of the globe then drying them out for your viewing pleasure. Poo-tiful.

Speaking to the Metro, one of the exhibition's curators said: "Poo provokes strong reactions. Small children naturally delight in it but later we learn to avoid this yucky, disease-carrying stuff, and that even talking about poo is bad. But for most of us, under the layers of disgust and taboo, we’re still fascinated by it."

"Poo is all around us and inside us, but we ignore it," said co-curator Daniel Roberts.

Twenty illuminated resin spheres show off the different types of faeces, with facts hidden behind toilet lids on the museum walls. We've had a little preview, and can confirm they're full of shit.

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