Brother's Evil Christmas Prank Becomes Internet Sensation

We cannot WAIT to see her revenge.

Brothers, huh? They can be right little %*!@s. But whatever pranks your sibling has subjected you to over the years, they'll pale in comparison to THIS.

In Christmas 2014, Zachary made his beloved sister Morgan a jar full of heart-felt notes. D'awwww. He really meant every single one.

Determined to outdo his previous efforts, he turned things up a notch with an amazing prank for 2016:

According to the Christmas letter Zachary posted to his entire family, Chief Keef's got a brand new girlfriend - Morgan. He's an up and coming rapper, with hit singles including "That's The Shit I Don't Like", and "I Hate Being Sober". 

Wow. Let's see the card Zachary penned in detail. Here's the front cover... 

@MorganSvobodny via twitter

And the round robin letter enclosed within:

@MorganSvobodny via twitter

Over to you, Morgan. We hope revenge is sweet.

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