Brutally Honest Disney Posters Will Destroy Everything You Ever Loved

'Beauty And The Beast: Stockholm Syndrome'

Look, we've all heard the yarns spun about Disney films. They peddle unrealistic stories, spark stupidly aspirational prom entrance goals, make kids grow up wanting to be mates with woodland creatures, yada yada yada. And some of that's true, sure.

But SO WHAT? In an age of pop culture preoccupied with reality stars bonking on live TV and programmes about regular folk simply *watching* TV, a little magic never hurt anyone, we say.

Sure, The Little Mermaid traded her voice for a pair of legs so she could seduce a man, suuuure that evil old bint poisoned Snow White because she couldn't bear to support the sisterhood, SUUUUURE Bambi's mum didn't stand a fucking chance in this shithellpit we call life - but we had some fun along the way, didn't we? We turned out alright, despite these films' dark undertones, DIDN'T WE?

No. Not according to the people who made these posters. Each movie had one theme, and one theme only (fucking 'orrible):

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