Bryan Cranston Has Opened Up About Wanting To Do A Malcolm In The Middle Reunion

Please someone make this happen...

STOP EVERYTHING: Bryan Cranston wants to do a 'Malcolm in the Middle' reunion! AHHHHHH!

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The sitcom star said in an interview that he'd love to return to hit show 'Malcolm in the Middle' because a ton of plot lines were left wide open - something he hasn't even said about the cult show that made him even more famous, 'Breaking Bad'. Mind. Blown.

Speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald, Cranston said:

"Breaking Bad had such a definitive ending that I'm really satisfied with that, and so I don't want to continue with that story; there's no way to revive that story... Let's let that be itself and let it go off and be what it is."

Malcolm in the Middle, however, ended as Lois and Hal's kids grew up and moved out of the family house. Cranston stated: "Ten years later, 12 years later, I wonder, what happened to them? What is their life like now? There's some interest in that from my standpoint and I think others would be interested in it too."

He said that roles are like relationships and that they don't always end on your terms. "With Breaking Bad, we had a very strong beginning, middle and end," he says. "To revisit and to open that crypt now and say 'come on, let's put the bones back together' I think would be not even bittersweet, it would just be bitter."


Cranston is now appearing in Kung Fu Panda 3, as a panda named Li Shan, and loved the experience of being in an animated film. Speaking about it, he said: "I would retire tomorrow if I ever got bored with what I do... Breaking Bad really opened up the level of opportunities for me and a lot of things that have presented themselves that I'm interested in [but] it's all about story. I would not be doing Kung Fu Panda if I didn't like the story. Why would I spend the time?"

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