Bryan Cranston Throws Aaron Paul Out Of 'Super Sweet 60' Party In Hilarious Spoof

Malcolm In The Mid-life crisis.

Thanks to MTV, 90s kids everywhere have some images permanently etched in their brains. Some good (Mariah Carey lowering herself into a gilded bathtub), some bad (basically every 16 year-old douchebag on My Super Sweet 16, who got two Ferraris for their birthday while those watching at home had to BEG for a second Tamagotchi). 

Bryan Cranston, of Malcolm In The Middle and Breaking Bad fame, clearly watched it too - when his 60th birthday rolled around, there was only one way to celebrate.

"I swear to God if my parents make me plan this party like a poor person I will LOSE MY SHIT", the 6-time Emmy award-winner said.

He brought in the biggest party planner in the area (none other than Jimmy Kimmel);

And SLAYED a parody of every snotty-nosed brat to have graced the MTV show back in the day. He didn't want three crowns, oh no. He had to have four. 

Aaron Paul even turned up - but he had to go home and change because he was wearing the same outfit. But you'll have to watch the full video to see that:

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