Buzz Lightyear Finally Wins His Battle To Get A Driving License

To infinity and beyond.

Of all the Toy Story characters - Woody, Mr Potato Head, that utterly pathetic penguin loser Wheezy etc - you’d most like to be named after Buzz Lightyear, wouldn’t you?

It’s an awesome alias. And that’s why 26 year-old man-formerly-known-as-Sam-Stephens changed his name to Buzz in a bid to raise money for a cancer charity (achieving his target of £2,000.)

But little did he know that this decision would lead him into all manner of trials and tribulations.

Last year, the Metro reported that he might have to change his name back after the DVLA refused to issue him a driving license.

The story went viral, and the internet jumped to his support - which sounds great, but rarely means anything. The hype usually lasts around a week, before everyone gets distracted by a Vine and forgets all about it.

BUT NOT THIS TIME. For today, Buzz, of Bideford, Devon, discovered that he would be granted his license once and for all.

He said: ‘It’s great. I feel like it’s a victory for me as they’re a big old company and I still won. It’s inevitable at some point I’m going to have to change it back. I’ve had loads of problems with it over the last year.

‘I think when it comes to getting a mortgage I might have to go back to being Sam again.’

Heartwarming, isn't it? And as long as he possesses the same driving skills as his movie counterpart, we should all feel safe with him on our streets.


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