Can You Tell What It Is Yet? Here's Everything Rolf Harris Might Be Making With His Prison Toilet Rolls

"He joins the tubes together with matchsticks, it drives everyone mad."

In today's round of WTF news, convicted sex offender Rolf Harris is actively trolling his prison guards. He's pissing them off with the help of matchsticks and toilet rolls. Can you tell what it is yet? 

He's made a digeridoo. Because of course he has.

The ex children's entertainer, charged with indecent assault against four girls, has been reportedly crafting the Aboriginal instrument with any cardboard tubes and matches he can get his hands on.

Guards are on constant look out, confiscating them when possible - but the 85-year-old simply makes a new one straight away. 

A source told The Sun: “He joins the tubes together with matchsticks, it’s driving everyone mad.

“He sits in his cell and tries to play his home-made didgeridoo. It’s not the real deal but it acts as a therapy for him.”

So that's that. Here's a bunch of other stuff the singer could be making with his bog roll haul...

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