Cat Camping Is The Insane Hobby You Never Knew You Needed


Cats don't like doing what they're told at the best of times - so bundling them into a camper van and asking them to stay close to mummy while you cook sausages in a field seems like a far stretch.

But that's what cat lovers are now doing, 'cat camping' being the latest craze to sweep the nation. Presumably sick of chasing Pokemon through flora and fauna, animal lovers are packing up their actual pets and taking them on adventures.


Bolt: I wish I was a little bit smaller, I wish I was a baller #tbt #boltandkeel

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What could possibly go wrong? Cats are notoriously loyal, right?

Luckily, wandering off and doing exactly what they want isn't a normal cat trait :/

They *love* it.


#cathaiku Human said say cheese. Yet, I don't see any cheese. I have been deceived. #campingwithcats @quinnjenkinson

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This is fine. This is normal and fine.

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