Cats and Dogs VS Christmas Trees

You might think Christmas trees are magical, but to a pet they represent the one time of the year when they're not the centre of attention. Here's what happens when cats and dogs try to take out the competition.

[subheader]The tree is mine! Oh crap...[/subheader] 

[subheader]Look Mum, a new pet[/subheader] 

[subheader]Yep, this all needs to go[/subheader] 

[subheader]It was him or me[/subheader] 

[subheader]Okay, let's talk strategy[/subheader] 

[subheader]The baubels started it[/subheader] 

[subheader]I'm getting out of here before they pin this on me[/subheader] 

[subheader]We were only playfighting[/subheader] 

[subheader]I may regret this later[/subheader] 

[subheader]It's coming down boys![/subheader] 

[subheader]What makes you think it was me?[/subheader]