Cats Get Stuck In Things

Infuriated cats get stuck. Laughing humans take photos.

[subheader:list:1]JML cat[/subheader]
Cat gets entangled in hose. Human takes photo through tears of amusement.

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[subheader:list:2]Wormhole cat[/subheader]
Cat gets curious, cat gets stuck, cat gets annoyed. Human shows cat to Twitter.

Via Imgur

[subheader:list:3]Great Escape cat[/subheader]
Cat's claws get stuck in screen-mesh. Cat panics. Instant photo op.

[subheader:list:4]So-fat-it-gets-stuck-in-a-bath cat[/subheader]
Cat gets fat, cat falls in bath. Cat can’t escape. Say cheese!

Via Pikabu

[subheader:list:5]Cat in a hat[/subheader]
Cat sees hat, but hat is not hat, hat is tin can. Cat is displeased!

Cat leans in to kiss long-lost twin. Cat learns valuable lesson about reflections.

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[subheader:list:7]Classic cat-in-a-tree cat[/subheader]
Cat awaits rescue. Human ponders which Instagram filter to use.

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[subheader:list:8]Highest-ever cat[/subheader]
Cat regrets all its recent decisions while inadvertently posing for photo.

Via DailyPicksAndFlicks
[subheader:list:9]Vanishing cat[/subheader]
Cat plays hide-and-seek. Cat is so effective, it must “coo-ee!” at its owner.

Via Grawsome

[subheader:list:10]Fashion cat[/subheader]
Cat embraces lifelong dream of becoming totally-on-trend-right-now scarf.

Via Grawsome

[subheader:list:11]Deep-space cat[/subheader]
Cat eats catnip. Cat spends day wedged betwixt cushions, tripping balls.

Via Fatcats

[subheader:list:12]Non-wasp cat[/subheader]
Cat reckons it can fly through blinds, like wasp. Cat not wasp. Cat poses for photo while awaiting rescue.

Via EpicLOL

[subheader:list:13]Prank cat[/subheader]
Cat waits to surprise human. Human foils cat. Human takes photo. Cat needs help.

Via Gifak
[subheader:list:14]Identity-crisis cat[/subheader]
Cat tries being a sofa. Cat stuck.

Via FatCats
[subheader:list:15]Imperilled cat[/subheader]
Cat four storeys up and trapped. “Help!” thinks cat. “LOL photo!” thinks human.

Via CuteAnimalsOnline
[subheader:list:16]Regretful cat[/subheader]
Cat chases rainbow. Cat gets nowhere. Human gets 23 'likes'.

Via DailyDawdle
Cat hides in cereal box. Cat becomes best cereal-prize ever! Cat is properly stuck, though.

Via RedVooz
Cat can't remember how spacesuit situation transpired. Human must have photo of this. 

Via TheChive
[subheader:list:19]Un-photogenic cat[/subheader]
Cat hates camera, hides from it. Cat gets stuck. Human takes photo. One-nil to humans!

[subheader:list:20]Sock-dwelling cat[/subheader]
Cat looks adorable in sock! Cat must now live in sock. Human has foreseen it!

Via TechnoCrazed
[subheader:list:21]Dog cat[/subheader]
Dog copies cat, gets stuck. Human takes photo. Dog just happy to receive cat-level attention.

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