Here's All The Weird Celebrity Paradoxes Nobody Noticed In Friends

How can Winona Ryder be on Ross' freebie list if she's Rachel's sorority sister Melissa?!

Are you ready to have your mind positively blown? These celebs all appear in 'Friends' in weird-ass combos you'd never expect... 

Strap in...

Bruce Willis

In season 7’s “The One With Nap Partners”, Ross, Chandler and Joey watch Die Hard. Why wouldn’t they? It’s an all-time classic. Something that none of them mention, though, is that Die Hard’s main character John McClane (Bruce Willis) bears a striking resemblance to season 6’s Paul Stevens – Rachel’s boyfriend, Ross’s girlfriend’s dad, and generally someone who’d stick in your memory…

Jonathan Silverman

The 1990s sitcom staple played obstetrician/gynaecologist Dr Franzblau in season 1’s “The One With The Birth”. Rachel unsuccessfully flirts with him (“You’re a waitress? Aren't there times when you come home at the end of the day, and you're just, like, ‘If I see one more cup of coffee...’”). Is that because she reminds him of the lead of (according to season 4’s “The One With The Embryos”) her favourite film, Weekend At Bernies?

(Fun side note: Ross Geller appeared in an episode of Silverman's sitcom The Single Guy, checking the authenticity of a bone. He interacted with all the main characters of the show with one exception – Janeane, played by Jessica Hecht, better known as Susan on Friends...)

Winona Ryder

Season 7’s “The One With Rachel’s Big Kiss” guest-starred Winona Ryder as Rachel’s sorority sister Melissa. Four seasons earlier, in “The One With Frank Jr.”, Ross had put Winona Ryder on his ‘freebie list’ of celebrities he was allowed to sleep with. SO WHAT THE HELL, FRIENDS?

Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon was another name Ross put on his ‘freebie list’, but in season 7 (season 7 had a lot of guest stars), Sarandon plays Days Of Our Lives actress Cecilia Monroe. At no point does anyone say “Hey, Cecilia Monroe looks a lot like Academy Award-winning actress Susan Sarandon”.

Sean Penn

Sean Penn exists as an actor in the Friends universe. When Chandler and his erstwhile insane flatmate Eddie are reminiscing about ex-girlfriends in “The One Where Dr Drake Ramoray Dies”, he reveals he once broke up with a girl because “She thought the capital of Cambodia was Sean Penn”. However, in two episodes of season 8, the man himself shows up as Eric, Ursula Buffay’s fiancé.

Tom Selleck

Tom Selleck’s run as Richard is amazing – enough that it casts a shadow over the first few years of Chandler and Monica’s relationship. In total, Richard appeared in ten episodes and was mentioned in another seven. In “The One Where No-One’s Ready”, in which Richard’s voice is heard on an answering machine, Ross makes a joke with the punchline “Who are you, Cro-Magnum P.I.?” Magnum P.I. was a Hawaii-set detective show starring… Tom Selleck.

Jeff Goldblum

Ross is no stranger to outlandish claims, but one of his boldest is insisting he came up with the original idea for Jurassic Park. On another occasion he makes a joke about ‘Jurassic Parka’, an island overrun with coats. He’s a paleontologist – of course he likes Jurassic Park, it’s awesome. Why, then, does nobody notice that theatre director Leonard Hayes (from season 9’s “The One With The Mugging”)  bears an incredible resemblance to Jurassic Park’s Dr Ian Malcolm, Jeff Goldblum?

Elle Macpherson

In “The One With The Princess Leia Fantasy” from season 3, Chandler mentions Elle Macpherson as someone he fantasises about when in bed with women. Three seasons later, Macpherson had a five-episode run as Janine, Joey’s new flatmate and love interest – not only does Chandler’s lust for someone that looked exactly like her go unnoted upon, she takes a massive dislike to him.

Kathleen Turner

Chandler’s got messed-up stuff going on with his parents – in the same episode as he talks about Elle Macpherson, he mentions occasionally picturing his mum while having sex. In new levels of weirdness, though, in “The One With Frank Jr.”, Chandler puts Jessica Rabbit on his ‘freebie list’. Jessica Rabbit is voiced by Kathleen Turner, who later shows up in “The One With Chandler’s Dad”… as Chandler’s dad. So, when not imagining his mum in bed, he’s lusting after his dad’s sultry voice. 

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