Chandler Bing Dancing To Hotline Bling Is Everything We Ever Wanted

I know when that Chandler Bing, that can only mean one thing.

Guys, hi. Come in. We just noticed something, and we want to share it with you. You know the name "Chandler Bing"? Well - and don't be alarmed by this - it rhymes with hit 2015 hip hop song "Hotline Bling"! AHA! 

Our pals over at Comedy Central India noticed this a little sooner than we did, and have consequently made the best music video of all time, OF ALL TIME (don't @ us, Taylor). Check it out, and weep:


Okay, so we got Chandler to dance to our tune... No, not ours.#FRIENDSonCC, Mon-Fri, 10 PM.

Posted by Comedy Central India on Sunday, 14 February 2016

Commence the slow clap.