Chandler Is Officially Supposed To Call Julia Roberts Now

Ring, Bing.

It's been exactly 20 years and a day since Julia Roberts told our favourite Chandler Bing, "Call me in 20 years if you're still upset about this."

For anyone who doesn't know what we're talking about (FOR SHAME), on the 28th January 1996,  The One After The Superbowl aired. In this episode, Chandler's childhood enemy Susie Moss stole his clothes as payback for the time he pulled up her skirt and revealed her knickers in the fourth grade. 

"That was in the fourth grade, how can you still be upset about that?!" he asked. 

Susie/Julia then uttered the immortal line.

So go on, Chandler. Giver her a buzz. Are you still upset? We're not. We really liked your thong.