Channing Tatum's Latest Movie Role Is A Beautiful Mermaid Lady

Get ready for a gender-bending Splash remake!

Channing Tatum's proved he's the greatest man alive by signing up for the lead role in a gender-bending *mermaid* movie.

Channing will don a sparkly tail for the remake of Splash!, a 1984 film starring Darryl Hannah as a beautiful merlady.

She saves a little boy's life (Tom Hanks) then the boy grows up, finds her and they fall madly in love. Creepy or cute, we're still deciding.

(Oh, and if anyone can work out how they consummated the union, please @ us).

Here's what to expect (plus glitter):

The new version will star Jillian Bell in Tom Hanks' role, and be written by Maris Lewis-Ryan. Think 2016 Ghostbusters (another 80s movie also remade this year with an all-female lead cast) with scales.

^ Just gonna leave this gif here ^

To keep you busy until the real deal, check out Channing in Hail Caesar! with George Clooney and Josh Brolin, and catch Bell alongside Jennifer Aniston in Office Christmas Party later this year. 

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