Check Out The First Pictures Of The Burger King Spa

You might see a Whopper.

Restel, Facebook

Anyone who's been to Finland will know that steam rooms and spas are central to the culture. As is being stark bollock naked whilst enjoying them. 

So today's news of the world's first Burger King spa opening in Finland has us pretty confident that if you venture inside, you'll see a Whopper. or two.

Found on the ground floor of the Mannerheimintie branch of Burger King in Helsinki, the spa has a sauna complete with 15 seats and a 48" TV, presumably because being naked, steamy and surounded by limp lettuce leaves and fries will be so awkward you'll need something to keep your eyes trained on at all times.

If you can't stand the heat, there's something for you too - head to the spa’s media lounge, which has a 55″ giant screen and Playstation 4. Because, well, we don't know why, actually.

According to Google translate, the website says the venue is 'perfect for a group of friends, for social gatherings or work - and a great venue for a birthday party'. Just don't invite your grandparents. Or your boss. Or anyone you want to be able to look in the eye ever again.

But now for the part you've been waiting for - yes, you can order Burger King to the venue. 'Food orders are made on site. Enjoy the magnificence of your choice, either in the restaurant or sauna areas'. See you there, we guess?

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