Check Out What All Your Favourite New Emojis Look Like

Where's the bacon!? And tacos?! You promised!

Apple has *finally* released iOS 10, bringing the first major emoji update for iPhone users in 2016.

There have been some *really* awesome changes, like poop becoming more ~realistic~

Real guns turning into squirt guns

And the introduction of rainbow flags

Back in June, Unicode approved 72 newbies, including bacon, tacos, a fox, clown face and a gorilla who looks suspciously like Harambe.


Now supported on Android and Windows, we expect these to be added in a point release for iOS later this year - look out for more in the iOS 10.x release.

So what's different now?

Women are more accurately and equally represented than before (though we *really* could have done without the patronising introduction, Emojipedia. Oh, and all the women now looking suspiciously prettier, taller and thinner. Nice one). 

Same goes for men (men with bunny ears - our new fave emoji):

What's more, each modifies to 5x skin tones. Yay for representation!

While we're not 100% there yet, it's great to see a step towards more accuracy and equality. Check out this awesome hijab emoji design by Rayouf Alhumedhi, a *15 year-old* who has sent a proposal to the The Unicode Consortium for consideration. 

Go girl.

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